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Wind, bad weather and time cause frequent problems to roofs, often resulting in the need for repairs.  What starts as a small leak from a loose or missing tile can eventually result in damp or rotten joists and timbers. Problems come in all shapes and sizes and, as an expert roofer, we can help.

Make the most of our roofing expertise and call us today, We'll happily meet with you to discuss your roofing requirements and we'll make the right recommendations for your roof without any obligation.

re roof

Nothing lasts forever, even when it's been really well maintained, and roofs are no exception. We specialise in re-roofing using top quality materials and systems which have been thoroughly tried and tested for the good old British weather. Whatever your house type, detached, semi-detached, bungalow, flat roof or barn conversion, we can replace the roof in a wide choice of different materials. As a leading roofing company we handle complete re-roofing jobs from start to finish using our own highly skilled team of tradesmen.

chimney repair

The chimney is a highly visible part of a house or industrial property which is prone to a range of problems caused by exposure to the weather. Its visibility is both a blessing and a curse as it distinctive presence adds character to a house or is an eye-catching feature on its own.

But this can mean problems such as a blocked flue, worn out flashing or defective mortar. All of these affect the stability and function of the chimney and need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The flashing and the pointing need to be checked at intervals so that any potential problems can be dealt with at an early stage. This reduces the risk of dampness seeping through which can affect the underlying structure of the chimney and spread to the rest of the roof

flat roof

​With years of experience and industry knowledge, we can offer you the best flat roof advice and top notch, high-quality materials to ensure a perfect finish to all your work.

Firestone rubber based Roofing and Lining systems for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications.  This flat roof systems delivers unmatched weather-resistance and longevity, and are the easiest of all flat roof materials to install quality products, installation expertise and a commitment to provide professional service,

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